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1 6 F a l l / W i n t e r B R I D E 2 0 1 8 Ask the Experts WARRIOR WISDOM What should I look for when booking vendors? How can I know I'm not getting into a contract I'll regret? You will select and contract so many different vendors when planning a wedding, sometimes it is hard to know who you can trust. ough Louisville is a big city, it really is a small town. My best advice is to ask around about the vendors you are considering. Ask other couples you know who are married; ask the vendors or venue you have already selected. Check eKnot.com and WeddingWire.com for reviews. ese are all different ways of ensuring that you are getting a reputable wedding vendor. It is so easy to make a beautiful website these days, but you need to be certain that the vendors you contract also have a great reputation for delivering their services. Please make sure that (1) you always have a contract with a vendor and (2) you read the contract over thoroughly. If there is anything you are unsure of or would like to change, just ask! A professional vendor will be able to explain it or change it so that everyone feels comfortable. What type of bar should we have? How can I cut costs and still have a full bar? Most typically, weddings have open bars for their guests to enjoy. An open bar has a variety of options for your guests to choose from that the host pays for. Traditionally, the groom's family pays for the bar. Sometimes people have limited bars, which include just beer and wine, and sometimes bourbon or a signature cocktail. en there are cash bars where guests pay for drinks themselves. Cash bars can be perceived as tacky, so if budget is an issue I would recommend having a limited bar that is hosted. Other ways to decrease the amount that you spend on alcohol at your wedding are: 1. Find a venue and caterer that allows you to purchase your own alcohol. You will still need a licensed bartender, but purchasing the alcohol on your own (for example, at Costco) will be much more cost-effective than getting it through a caterer. ere are also some local liquor stores that will let you take back anything unopened, so you don't have to worry about if you are buying too much or too little. 2. Close the bars as you transition from cocktail hour to dinner. is will not only help your guests get seated quicker, but it will decrease the amount of time the bar is being utilized. You can also keep the bar closed during dinner, but then I would highly recommend having wine service at the table so your guests aren't completely without a drink. 3. Skip the champagne toast. is isn't my personal favorite thing to skip (I love champagne!), but it will help you out financially to not pour champagne to every single guest, especially since not everyone will drink it. 4. Probably the most obvious option is to have a well bar, meaning that your brands are on the lower end. is will be much more cost-effective than a top-shelf bar. If there is something that you particularly love, you can always buy a bottle of that for yourself and let your bar staff know that it's just for the couple or the wedding party. 5. Switch to beer and wine after a certain point. Once the dancing gets started or in the last two hours, you can switch an open bar to a limited bar to save money. I would always recommend closing the bars completely 15-30 minutes before the end of the music/reception so people have time to finish their last drink before the end of the reception. Maggie Heely is the owner and lead coordinator of Weekend Wedding Warrior, a wedding and event coordination company in Louisville and Lexington. She is also a licensed marriage/family therapist in the state of Kentucky and a graduate of Northwestern University's Family Institute.

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