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1 2 F a l l / W i n t e r B R I D E 2 0 1 8 Ask the Experts HAIR AND MAKEUP What are challenges you come across in your work? "Let's just say there has to be mutual trust between the artist and the client. And if you don't trust me to do my art or trust me enough to say, 'I'd like this change,' then you're probably not going to be happy with the end result. Feel free to speak up and say, 'I'd like a little less or a little more,' and know at the end of the day that your artist wants to make you happy. Also know that we're coming from a certain Carley Randall went to cosmetology school in 2013 but has been doing hair and makeup her entire life. She and her team of two have worked countless weddings and photo shoots. Here's what she's learned. By Nikayla Edmondson experience level. Remember that you're getting married once; some makeup artists and hair stylists do hundreds of wed- dings a year. We know what's going to last longer, and you know your personal self in a way that we don't. Communicate with us. Remember that you're not going to be someone else on your wedding day and your skin tone is your skin tone and your hair texture is your hair texture. Make sure you're working with an artist who wants to enhance your natural beauty and not make you look like a cookie-cutter bride." What do you wish people better understood about getting hair and makeup done? "Hair and makeup is a much more involved process than it seems on the sur- face. My team, for instance, we come with everything you need for the day. We offer a day-rate service for up to eight hours be- cause you forget that you need help along the way — someone to help you remem- ber where your bags go, someone to help you pick up in the bridal suite, someone to help you with your dress when you've lost all your bridesmaids when they're out and about, someone to kind of help control the emotions in the room, some- one who has a steamer to make sure the bridesmaids are taken care of. ere are a million details during the day, so make sure you have every detail taken care of or work with artists who are willing to do all of that for you." In-person versus photograph-level makeup — how do you achieve that balance? "You have to be aware of who your photographers are and whether they're using digital or film. Have an artist who's aware of how the lighting is going to translate and someone who is willing to check out your photographer's work to make sure that what you want translates on film, and don't be afraid to wear a little more in person. You may feel like it's abnormal to you because you'd never wear that much makeup on a Tuesday or Wednesday to work, but also realize that everyone expects you to have on makeup at your wedding. No one's going to be overwhelmed when you come in with a full face of foundation. ey're probably going to say, 'She looks beauti- ful.' ey're not going to be like, 'Oh, my gosh, her fake eyelashes.' ey'll probably be like, 'Did you know her eyes were that gorgeous?' Trust that if it's a little more, you'll still look beautiful and you can make it look natural." Do you have any favorite moments? "My favorite moment is — well, there's always a moment in the day when the bride is getting her hair and makeup done and the day starts to resonate with her and she gets really silent. is is going to sound strange, but there's something very humbling for me to be involved in that kind of very intimate, private, peace- ful and sweet time. It's such an honor for me to be the person in your space for that time and moment. Because you can always see the weight of a girl's decision hit her and it's just the absolute best." PRETTY COOL Photo by Love Hunters Photography Photo by Whitney Neal Studios

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