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1 4 F a l l | W i n t e r B R I D E Warrior Wisdom ADVICE FROM MAGGIE Dear Maggie, My sister is getting married in July to a wonderful guy and I'm so excited for them. The only problem is that I have a very bad history with her mom (we are half- sisters). It would be best if we didn't interact at all, but I don't trust that her mom can act civil. I don't want anything to go wrong for my sister on her big day — or during the events leading up to the wedding. What can I do to make sure tension stays low? Yours truly, Protective Sister Dear Protective Sister, I love that you want your sister's day to be perfect and I can only imagine what this mother is all about. Ultimately, you can't control anyone else but yourself. Your actions are the only thing that truly count, and worrying about your sister's mom's actions will be energy wasted. Instead, just be there fully for your sister. It sounds like she will need your love, support and guidance if her mom does act out. If you feel yourself starting to get angry or wanting to intervene, try taking a few deep breaths and gain some perspective. If you have a negative interaction with the mom, then you are just creating more negativity and I know that isn't what you want for yourself or your sister. If all else fails, ignore her, and then go home and vent to someone else later. Dear Maggie, I have my date and my venue, but I am having a very hard time selecting the rest of my vendors. There are so many photographers, florists, and caterers I like, but I'm not sure which one to choose. How do I make sure I'm choosing the best vendor for me and my wedding? Sincerely, Vendor Dilemma Dear Vendor Dilemma, Creating a great vendor team is such an important part of making sure you have the right energy around you on your wedding day. You will speak to your photographer and your wedding coordinator more on your wedding day then you will most of your relatives. I would highly suggest narrowing down each vendor category (caterer, photographer, florist, etc.) to two to three companies that (a) are available on your wedding day (b) fit your budget and (c) have done work you like. Then meet with those companies and pick who you feel the most comfortable around. It is very important that both you and your fiancé are present for each meeting so that you can both weigh in on the decision. It's a great first step in your marriage to problem- solve and compromise. Also, make sure the person you are meeting with will actually be the person that you will be working with on your wedding day. It doesn't make sense to like the salesperson or owner of the company and then not feel comfortable with the person who is present on your wedding day. (They are often different.) Once you meet in person with all your narrowed-down choices, your favorite is typically very clear. Dear Maggie, My fiancé and I have very different tastes in wedding venues. He wants an outdoor wedding that is rustic and I want an indoor venue that is more traditional and classic. I also really don't want to plan to have our wedding outside because you just never know about the weather. I would be so upset if our wedding day was ruined by rain! Sincerely, Venue Wars Dear Venue Wars, I would certainly recommend that you find a venue that compromises and works for both of you. What about an indoor venue with a lot of natural light so that it feels outdoors? Or an outdoor venue that has a large barn or structure that will keep you covered if it rains? You could hang a chandelier in the barn to give it more of an elegant, classic feel. Ultimately, you both need to be OK with the plan B. Weather in Louisville is very volatile. If your wedding day will be ruined if it rains or if it's extremely hot, then you don't have a good plan and that is not the venue for you. Dear Maggie, What is the most memorable personal touch you have seen at a wedding? Sincerely, Sentimental Sally Dear Sentimental Sally, I love personal touches and think they should be sprinkled all around your wedding day. I've seen cultural elements, like Chinese characters on the tables, fun groom's cakes that reflect the groom's personality, dog ring bearers and even custom bobble- head dolls that look like the couple. One of my very favorites, though, was at a ceremony last summer. The couple's two best friends were in a band; one officiated the ceremony and the other played the guitar for the procession. During the ceremony the guitarist played the couple's favorite song (and the first song they ever danced to) and they danced together right there in the middle of the ceremony. It was the sweetest thing. Maggie Heely is the owner and lead coordinator of Weekend Wedding Warrior, a wedding-day coordination company in Louisville, Lexington and Nashville. She is also a licensed marriage/family therapist in Kentucky and a graduate of Northwestern University's Family Institute.

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