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1 0 F a l l | W i n t e r B R I D E Ask the Expert TRAVEL AGENT HONEYMOON HIP Mark Bliss is manager at Bliss Travel (1614 E. Spring St., New Albany) A lot of younger people who are getting married now grew up without travel agents. Why should someone work with a travel agent? "People feel comfortable online booking B&Bs or airfare, but for this trip, this once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon, they feel more comfortable having someone help them. I've been to a lot of these destinations. I know what to advise, where to stay. I am with you until the end. You get there, you have problems with your flight, I'm a text or call away, helping you get to your destination. I advise everything from currency to calling the credit card company and letting them know you're going to be on vacation, where to eat, what not to eat, numerous things that would help you to make a worry-free, most- for-your-buck honeymoon. Our agency has been around 31 years. We have a lot of experience. You can't rely on Trip Advisor. "The biggest misconception I find over and over again with people who don't know what travel agents do is that we cost money and we don't." You don't charge a fee? "No." But you get a commission? "Correct. And it's not an added commission. It's not a different price than what they could find themselves on any other booking engine. The ones that are for the public are a little bit different than what I use. I don't use Expedia or Travelocity. I'm connected to all of the hotels. I know tour operators that make packages that reduce the price for clients." What are your favorite places out of the country that are budget-friendly? "Mexico. Jamaica is a good one. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Some places in the Bahamas. Probably the top four in that order." What are the pros and cons of all-inclusive resorts? "It depends on where you go. In the Dominican Republic, you have no choice. There's nothing there. There are some local restaurants but you wouldn't want to eat there because I'm afraid you'd be deathly ill. In Aruba, they have some all-inclusive and some with EP, European Plan, which means no meals. Some resorts have either/or. I'm not a fan of either/or because sometimes they have a limited menu — 'Oh, I'm sorry sir. You can't have the steak — you're on the all-inclusive plan, so you have to have the hamburger.' It's always nice to have alcohol included regardless. The only difference is you're tied down to the resort and feel obligated to stay there because it's all included." Do you see a lot of couples doing honeymoon registries? "I've come to see more now that couples are waiting until they're older to get married. They're established. They might even live together. They have the stuff. They don't need a blender, coffee maker, towels. This is where the honeymoon registry comes in, which we offer. The one thing I can't get brides to understand, though, is that to be successful, they need to not register for anything else. Period. Grandma and Aunt Ann will get you that unique gift because that's their mentality."

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