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1 4 F a l l | W i n t e r B R I D E TURN IT UP Your To-Do List DREW MILLER of Curio Key Club, Junk Yard Dogs, A7A, Lucky Pineapple How often do you play weddings? "Spring and summer are obviously the busiest seasons. I used to play three to four weddings a month with a slew of bands — jazz groups, R&B bands, classic- rock bands, even solo saxophone." What songs get requested the most? "I've played ceremony music, cocktail music, dinner music and dance music. Songs like 'At Last' or 'Celebration' are frequently expected. I think Louisville needs a wedding band that plays music from 1990-2016. It would fll a void. Maybe there is a group doing that already and I just don't know about it." Any memorable moments? "I once played a wedding in Whitney Hall at the Kentucky Center and they had an elevated stage set up for the band out in the middle of the seats. To top it of they rolled a full-size grand piano onto it! It was a cool experience." For these musicians, weddings aren't their main gigs — but they sure do bring originality to the dance foor. ARTHUR GEISSLER of Hot Brown Smackdown, a six- piece bluegrass band What songs get requested the most? Any songs that you hate to play? "We've had numerous clients request Stevie Wonder's 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered,' Led Zeppelin's 'Thank You' and James Taylor's 'How Sweet It Is,' just to name a few. As far as songs we hate to play, well, hate is a strong word! Let's just say we're pretty burned out on 'Wagon Wheel!'" Worst part about playing at a wedding? "The worst part is defnitely watching everyone else eat! The food always looks and smells so delicious!" (Always feed your wedding vendors! — Ed.) Any memorable moments from weddings you've performed at? "Sure, plenty! At a reception last year, the venue's power kept going of. Obviously, no one wants the party to stop, so we continued to play on acoustic instruments as loudly as we could. Not only did we manage to keep the crowd dancing, but because of the low ambient light (from the lanterns) and the acoustic music, the whole thing took on a more intimate, hoedown sort of vibe. It was very cool. Eventually, the power came back on for good and we fnished out the show as normal. I remember thinking to myself, Phew, crisis averted!" SKIP BARTLES of Tony & The Tan Lines, an eight-piece yacht rock/ cover band Do you guys have any original music or just do covers? "We do have original music. Just imagine if Barry White and Prince had a love child, and then the baby was adopted and raised by Michael McDonald and Gloria Estefan. That's what it sounds like. We did play one original, one time, at one wedding but had to stop because the dance foor caught fre. True story." Worst part about playing at a wedding? "The worst part about performing at a wedding is obviously when the party is over." BEN SHORT of In Lightning, a seven- piece rock symphony/ instrumental band How often do you play weddings? About how many have you performed at? "We don't play weddings often. It takes a couple who wants something a little more unique for their wedding to consider hiring an original rock symphony band instead of your typical cover band. We've done two weddings, with fying colors." What songs get requested the most? Any songs that you hate to play? "The only song that we've had requested is to do an instrumental version of the Beatles' 'All You Need Is Love.' And a song I hate to play? Hate is a strong word — I love performing music. But, the song that comes to mind is Eric Clapton's 'Wonderful Tonight.' I could do without performing that." Worst part about playing at a wedding? "This hasn't happened to In Lightning, but in a cover band I was in years ago, I remember an instance when we had just got done playing 'Play That Funky Music,' and someone came up to the stage and requested, 'Umm, could you please play some dance music?' Wha....?" TODD HILDRETH of Squeeze-bot, a four-piece jazz/cover band What songs get requested the most? Any songs that you hate to play? "As far as requests go, the people who hire us are generally fans of the group and they're happy to have us play the repertoire that we normally play. Occasionally, they will ask us for a frst dance or something like that, and that's no problem." Best part about performing at a wedding? "The cool thing about playing weddings is that you're seeing someone who is either a friend or a longtime fan make a major decision in their life. It's nice to be part of that, and it's nice to know that when they look back on their wedding day, they will also look back on the fact that we were there." Any memorable moments from weddings you've performed at? "This actually occurred at an anniversary rather than a wedding. The wife wanted to sing a Barry White song to her husband. Obviously, she doesn't have that lower voice, so she went to the Doo- Wop Shop and got a vocal processor that would make her voice go very low. So we rehearsed with her the week of, and the time came and she sang 'Can't Get Enough of Your Love' with the vocal processor making her voice go down two octaves. It was amazing."

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