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9 6 Fa l l | W i n t e r B R I DE A LOVE STORY "Engagement pictures are so person- al. You get to know your photographer, who is probably the wedding vendor you deal with the most." "The shoot helps you learn poses. For most brides and grooms, it's the frst time they're ever posing except in awkward selfes." "Do things that refect your personal- ity. I've done underwater shoots. I shot at Bufalo Trace Distillery because the groom loves bourbon. Another couple, the groom played the banjo while the bride danced. You're preparing for your wedding, a day that's awesome and fun. Invite your parents or bring your dog!" "Think of fun outfts to show of your personality. Favorite shoes, like Chuck Taylors. Have a casual outft and one fun dressy outft." "Some grooms aren't into it. Be fearless; don't take it so seriously. Most grooms are like, 'Is this done yet?' If you're not having fun, your pictures will show it." "Brides want the candid stuf, but it's important to get those posed shots. Working at the Courier-Journal has made my photography more photojour- nalistic and candid, but that's combined with the traditional photography that I've learned from my father." "I still have my parents' wedding album and I can't think of a more pre- cious thing. So many brides just get a CD but don't have an album. Once the fowers are gone and the food's eaten, photos are the only thing you have. When people come over and want to see your wedding photos, you're not going to say, 'Hold on; let me put in this disk of 4,000 pictures.' And you might lose that disk; I might go out of busi- ness. Then, if you don't have a printed album, your pictures are gone." Style by Pascale Cross Hair by Lauren Horne, Looks by Lauren Kylene White worked eight years at the Courier-Journal and grew up learning from her father, Darwin Lloyd, who shot weddings for 30 years and has seen every possible situation. Now, part of her repertoire is engagement photography, which, she says, has become popular with the rise of social media. PRELUDE TO THE Big Engagement photos no longer involve a portrait in a studio. Tey require Pinterest boards, stylists, props and a romantic location. Kylene White recently photographed Ema Pasic and Elliott Reid at Cherokee Park. White makes a case for arranging an engagement shoot and gives tips for having it go well. Splash 78-96 Venues.indd 96 6/17/14 5:13 PM

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